How does Build to Order Work?
Contact Von Braun Exhaust to get started, at 774-563-8296 or We’ll discuss your project and potential options. When your design is finalized, we’ll quote the project’s cost and how long it will take our craftsmen to complete.

Von Braun’s Culture of Innovation:
As motorcyclists, we all crave a bike and sound that inspire us. That’s why people love riding with Von Braun. It puts inspiration within reach of anyone, anytime, from weekend warriors to Iron-Butt veterans. For years, we have worked painstakingly to develop and produce the highest quality exhaust available with a tone that is articulate, deep, and well balanced, and styling that is befitting a Harley-Davidson. Our craftsmanship and materials ensure that it will last. Our dedication to enhancing your riding experience extends to every muffler model we make, from acoustics to chrome plating, and gives you a wealth of choices to serve your needs. Here are a few highlights of what sets the Von Braun experience apart.

Clear, Balanced Tone:
Through our pursuit of great acoustic tone, a Von Braun exhaust has come to define the modern American V-Twin sound. Riders and sound aficionados love the deep, tonal balance and clarity, which makes a Von Braun your best friend on the road. Our analysis of various baffle lengths, louver patterns, core diameters, and packing materials have led to models like the RADIO FLYER, which gives riders and their passengers a smooth, deep voice that fits cleanly into a touring lifestyle. Models like the VELOCITIES give more expressive riders an aggressive note with controlled overtones. THE PHANTOMS prove that low-end horsepower doesn’t have to come at the expense of a balanced tone. Our ongoing improvements with baffle packing materials and construction methods continue to put an impressive range of tonal and styling options in the hands of riders, which in turn inspire fresh riding experiences.

Precision Craftsmanship
Von Braun’s pioneering use of modern tools and technology has had an industry-leading impact on virtually every aspect of the exhaust-making process. By merging CNC machining, plasma-cutting, robotic welding, and other cutting-edge manufacturing techniques with old-world craftsmanship, Von Braun has elevated quality to a level of impeccable precision and detail. The benefits include consistent high quality, greater environmental sustainability by reducing waste, and the ability to add striking aesthetic refinements to a muffler that could never be produced using traditional methods. In the end, every Von Braun innovation serves motorcyclists by giving them a more enjoyable and inspiring riding experience.