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Here are a few photos of my 2010 Road glide custom. I am a Viet Nam vet and ride with the Viet Nam Vets /Legacy vets Motorcycle Club. Thank you. Exhaust model: Velocities


Exhaust model: Radio Flyers

Mr. Cole’s 2012 FLTRXSE

They are very HOT looking pipes… great sound and lots of comments on them! Exhaust model: Radio Flyers / The Phantoms

Lynda Clark

Black Hills Harley Davidson display bike for Sturgis, SD Rally 2011

Here are photos of my Von Braun mufflers and a view of desert at Mount Bromo, Indonesia. My Comment for my new Exhaust "It gives a deep and rich sound that makes my Ultra Classic more stylish and unique compared to others. Good Job. Exhaust model: Smoke Screen Roadsters

Hosea Chandra Guntara

I have had quite a few comments about the pipes locally and at the recent state HOG rally. I think the slip-ons will sound even better when I replace the stock header. For now though I’ve got close to 4k on them and they look and sound great. Thanks for a sweet product. Best Regards, Exhaust model: Smoke Screen Roadsters

Steve Catalano

Tom Ross and myself love the new additions to our Harleys. Thanks for the great service and we hope to stop by the shop on a future trip to the cape-cod / island area. Exhaust model: Smoke Screen Roadsters / Radio Flyers

Tom Dowe, Burlington, Vermont

2012 Road Glide. Lot of compliments on the pipes. Not too loud so I can still hear the radio. Exhaust model: Velocities

Warrem Wicks

I have had my Smoke Screens for a little over a year now and I love them. Great looks! Great Sound! Fit and Finish is great! I have got compliments on the looks and the sound, deep rumble, of these pipes from people all over the country. These add to the already great looks of the Ultra Limited. Exhaust model: Smoke Screens

Robert Tolleson

These Radio Flyers were exactly what I needed for my Road King. They give it that classic, deep Harley sound without being too loud. I think they are the best sounding pipes I’ve ever heard. They look great too. Thanks for helping my bike stand out from all the others. Exhaust model: Radio Flyers

John Hoff

Radio Flyers on 2012 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited Mufflers received, installed today by dealer (Walters Bros. H-D in Peoria, IL). Took pictures today and will e-mail you three or four. They are not only the best looking exhaust pipes I have ever seen, they perform wonderfully, and sound great. This is my seventh H-D bike, each with a different exhaust, yours is the best. Exhaust model: Radio Flyers

Michael Maloof

They look good, sound good, and with the little bit of work I did it performs great. Exhaust model: Roadsters

Kurt Bucchio

Compliments on Von Braun's superb design and craftsmanship. Absolutely worth the wait. Tri-Lines match well with the nostalgic vibe of my Road King's white walls, leather bags, and beach bars. Performance was good when paired with an aftermarket air intake, but reserving final judgment 'til I see how they handle a performance fuel injection module. Tri-Lines may sound a little tame when compared to the rawness of Rineharts or some other brands, but they soon find their own voice after a couple of hundred miles. Roadsters don't have to scream to be heard. Overall, I'm happy with the look, performance, and sound of the Tri-Lines, and equally satisfied with the quality of customer service from Von Braun. Exhaust model: Roadsters

Paul Murray

I've been talking about my satisfaction with the VB pipes with my buddies. They have the perfect level of sound, which allows me to hear my mp3, my wife and the traffic and, at the same time give me a sensation of a carbureted motorcycle. And the chrome still brand new although I'm living near the sea shore. Talking about Brazil, I'm glad to inform you that I'm opening a motorcycle rental company (only Harleys by now and from September on) and I'd like to study the possibility to resale your products here. Best regards. Exhaust model: Radio Flyers

Alexander Marinho

A pleasure to be represented at the Alaskan HOG Rally. Thanks G-Force. Apparel

TT Bike Apparel

I like them and they sound good and look good too. You cant ask for more. Saint Andre Dargenteuil, Canada. Exhaust model: Roadsters

Jean-Pierre Bélanger

Just wanted to let you know I love my "Velocities". The deep rich tone and "looks" were exactly what I was looking for. I have had a lot of positive comments when I travel. Exhaust model: Velocities

Chad Meyers

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