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Your afterburners, as I call them are Absolutely Awesome. The low rumble has that classic sound I have longed for since the old days and they sing a fine Rapture as they come off power which make any days ride worth while and so enjoyable. You make the best sounding slip-ons I've ever heard. Exhaust model: Radio Flyers

Scott Steele, Cdr. Chairman U.S. Search & Rescue, SOG

Aaron Hagar’s “Rat Runners Garage” newest build featuring custom “PHANTOMS.” We’re looking forward to helping Aaron on several builds throughout this year. Exhaust model: The Phantoms

Aaron Hagar, "Rat Runners Garage"

Very Happy with the Smoke Screens All your claims are true, Loud when you want them, not over powering when cruising, the glass pack back wrap reminds me of the good old days. The styling finished off the look I wanted. Lots of compliments. Exhaust model: Smoke Screens

Rick Steed

Mr. Moller’s 2011 Street Glide. Beautiful. Exhaust model: Smoke Screen Tri-Lines

Brian Moller

These photos are a few that I took showcasing the smokescreen pipes that I received from you. I am very happy with the way they look and the way they sound! Exhaust model: Smoke Screen Roadsters

John Chavez

My wife loved your pipes when we saw then on the cruise last year. Of course she bought then on the cruise. I bought mine this year when I bought my new 2012. Awesome pipes we get lots of looks and questions. Exhaust model: The Phantoms

Rich Bergin

The High Seas Rally 10th anniversary grand prize winner Sharon Immell. Exhaust model: Smoke Screen Tri-Lines

High Seas Rally Grand Prize Winners

I can't tell you how much I love my new Phantoms. The look, amazing quality and sound that lets my Harley sound like a Harley should, with a deep rumble and stereo friendly at speed they are a perfect fit for my riding style. Thanks for the awesome service and follow up to ensure everything arrived safely and were as promoted. Exhaust model: The Phantoms

Brian Platt

Attached are some photos of the Radio Flyers mufflers on my 2012 Road Glide Ultra. I couldn't be happier with the quality and the sound of these mufflers! They sound just as your webite described... Perfect for a long distance touring bike like my Road Glide Ultra. They give the bike a presence, but are subltle and really compliment the nature of the Road Glide. Exhaust model: Radio Flyers

Mike McNamara

I chose the Von Braun Smoke Screens. Harley Davidson is a classic motorcycle that stands alone. I needed pipes that reflect the need to stick out from the crowd. The Smoke Screens make that statement. Exhaust model: Smoke Screens

Vernon Cartwright

I must tell you, I am extremely pleased with my Roadsters, they have a low rumble that is what I call classic Harley sound (upgraded a couple of notches), loud enough, but not overbearing. The fit and finish were precise, your company has manufactured a high quality product. It is truly a classy addition to my 2010 CVO Streetglide. Thanks, Rich Fazio.

P.S. Thanks to my wife Kathy for noticing your catalog with notes I had written on it, she gathered that information and ordered these from you for my birthday! She is awesome! Exhaust model: Roadsters

Rich Fazio

For our 10th Anniversary High Seas Rally GRAND PRIZE Giveaway bike we wanted nothing but the best. That includes the Von Braun Exhaust. Because this bike has to sound as good as it looks and that's a pretty tall order. Exhaust model: Roadster Tri-Lines

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Dean Anderson

Hi Von Braun, Photos of my bike in SOUTH AFRICA. I am very happy with the way they sound and performance. Exhaust model: Smoke Screen Roadsters

Doc Pieter Botha

I'm very happy with the result, the Phantoms finish it off perfectly, I have been debating about these for nearly a year, I'm glad that I have added them. Exhaust model: The Phantoms

Mr. Perry's Road King Classic in Sydney, Australia.

Our rally friends

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