Will a Von Braun muffler fit my motorcycle?
All Von Braun mufflers are an easy, direct bolt on installation for all Harley-Davidson touring motorcycles. Please make sure you specify the year and model of your bike when ordering.

What are Von Braun mufflers made of?
Von Braun's commitment to our clients - and ourselves - is to produce a product that is the opposite of mass production. The choice and quality of materials and the artistic placement of each component reveal superb craftsmanship. Each piece and part, seen or unseen, reflects skills developed with passion over time. Our canisters are made of 16-gauge steel and are triple chrome plated. Our end-caps are machined from the best billet aluminum blocks available. Our black parts are coated using CERAMIC and JET-HOT® methods rather than simple powder coating. This ensures your mufflers will not change color over time. We understand that when you order black end-caps, you don't want them to turn another color like some products may. Observant owners will appreciate the attention to detail utilized in our line of exhaust pipes. In maturity, you learn to appreciate refinement. A Von Braun exhaust system helps you realize that sensibility.

What are the typical performance gains using Von Braun mufflers?
When your motorcycle is properly tuned you will enjoy an increase in both horsepower and torque. Please see the "Dyno" page for complete model results.

What do Von Braun mufflers sound like?
Von Braun uses sound engineering to produce a deep, rich, pleasing tone. The volume is louder than stock Harley-Davidson mufflers.

Where are Von Braun mufflers made?
Von Braun manufactures and assembles all of its products in the United States. We understand this is the best way to ensure our products quality.

Are the baffles removable?
The baffles can be removed. However, for optimal performance and sound we recommend you leave the baffles in. Von Braun offers a baffle removal service, as some disassembly of your muffler is required to remove or install a baffle. If you decide to have your baffles removed, we invite you to allow us to provide this service for you. Please inquire for service pricing and return time. Please note that baffle removal voids all warranties and is not recommended.

Does Von Braun offer a warranty?
Yes. Please see the WARRANTY section on the bottom of our web page.

What is the price of a Von Braun muffler?
Pricing accompanies each model on the website.

What is the best way to place my order?
You may order directly from Von Braun by telephone, (774) 563-8296. Through our secure website. Or via one of our authorized retailers. Please see retailer page for a list of locations.

Why choose Von Braun?
Our customers choose Von Braun mufflers for the very same reasons they choose to own a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.