Many of us come from modest beginnings. We started out on the likes of Honda Trail 70’s. Next came KX’s, YZ’s, and if we were lucky, the mighty Elsinore CR250. After the dirt bikes were a slew of mid-size motorcycles, including the raked-out CB650 with straight pipes. Not to mention the good ten-year flirt with some unsavory characters the likes of Ninjas, Intruders, and Bandits. Unfortunately, there was also that brief period that left us feeling like only half a man because we had no bike at all…

I can remember wanting a Harley-Davidson so bad I convinced myself I didn’t want one. “They’re poorly engineered paint-shakers that leak oil all over the place, break down all the time, and cost way too much money…”

Fast forward to 2010 and you may be a touch grayer, perhaps a little bit wiser, and you finally have the bike you’ve always wanted. And you know what? It’s really nice. It runs well. It’s very comfortable, super fast, and absolutely gorgeous. And even though you really loved all of those previous bikes, and will always have a special place in your heart for each of them, you’re going to love this one even more.

You’ve been climbing the evolutionary ladder for a long time now. Von Braun Exhaust is here to make sure you keep moving in the right direction.

C.F. Giordano