The bold design and resonant tone that radiate from The Phantoms are no figments of the imagination. In fact, the marquee design has nearly everything a touring-motorcycle owner could want. These are the only mufflers available with exhaust ports that are hidden on the bottom side of the mufflers. This unique feature produces the devilish but not-too-far-from-innocent note that serves as a welcome travel companion. It’s also the catalyst for the scores of inquiries and accolades that others will heap upon you. What makes The Phantoms even more noteworthy is that each of the impressive bullet end-caps is hand-lathed from the finest solid block of billet aluminum available. With a length of just over 6” and a diameter of exactly 4”, they mate perfectly with the impressive 28” long canisters for a total muffler length of 34”. The end-caps also weigh less than 14 ounces. That’s a noteworthy amount of craftsmanship. A rich, mellow exhaust tone derives from a 2.5” radial-flow inner core that proceeds throughout the 17” long baffles.

The Phantoms’ unique design showcases power, performance, and self-assertion. Simultaneously, they exude grace, perfection, and elegance. The exhaust system is one of the most salient design components of any motorcycle; The Phantoms are a contemporary classic that are sure to enhance yours.

The Phantoms are an easy, direct bolt-on for all 1995 - 2015 Harley-Davidson touring models. Click below to view a photo gallery of each color option.

Chrome muffler bodies with silver end-caps. Chrome muffler bodies with black end-caps.
Chrome/Chrome Chrome/Black

The Phantoms sound sample: