Man and Machine: Von Braun
by Quick Throttle Magazine, January 2013

"A lot of what this bike is about is distillation," explains Charles Giordano, Von Braun's owner and the builder of the bike he calls "John Henry."

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Special Project Bike "John Henry"
featured on Cyril Huze blog, November 2012

"Von Braun Exhaust’s newest Special Projects Division bike focuses on one thing: The magic of motorcycle riding. "

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Exhausting Work - Von Braun/Fullsac Pipe Upgrade
by Jeff G. Holt, Baggers Magazine, April 2012

"When our buddy Scott started talking about getting a new exhaust for his 2001 Road King he didn't really want to spend much money, but he wanted a set of true dual pipes that looked and sounded good. After we started laughing at him for wanting the world for a dollar, a challenge of sorts was made. How can we get true duals and sweet sounding mufflers on a bagger without breaking the bank?"

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RADIO FLYERS - Von Braun's Slick new mufflers
by Dain Gingerelli, Editor, Motorcycle Bagger Magazine, May/June 2011

"We put our hands on a pair of VB Radio Flyers so we could mount them on a 2011 Road Glide. And though we can't reproduce on paper the sound they generate, close your eyes for a moment and imagine a pleasing baritone burble that's not offensively loud, yet is slightly deeper than the potato-potato-potato rhythm you expect to hear from set of stock cans. Think in capital letters: Potato - Potato - Potato. And it only gets better as engine revs build."

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Sponsor News
By Buck Manning
Although seemingly a newcomer, Von Braun Exhaust’s founder, Charlie Giordano, has been involved in the Harley-Davidson exhaust industry for close to a decade. When asked why he decided to introduce another brand into the already crowded arena... Read More >

Von Braun Exhaust, See How They Make It Better

Sometimes a commercial is more than just an advertisement. That's the case with the following piece from Von Braun Exhaust. Sure, you get information about the products Von Braun so meticulously constructs, but you also get a pretty darn good little story.

As the ad says, "brands are shaped by the people and philosophies behind them. At Von Braun, we are driven by a passion for creating unsurpassed motorcycle exhaust systems. At the heart of our company is a desire to achieve the perfect muffler for HD touring motorcycles; a superb balance of the technical and the aesthetic: its essence." Von Braun achieves such balance in all their products, right down to their videos...