A Von Braun begins where others leave off. We start with the best American-made materials available, then shape and integrate them to make them better.

We use the most modern computed numerically controlled (CNC) machines available to ensure the precision of our parts. We dyno test and refine each system specifically for Harley-Davidson touring motorcycles because outstanding performance and sound remain our principle objectives. We use Jet-Hot and hard-anodizing methods rather than simple powder coating because we understand that when you order black parts, you don’t want them to turn another color.

These methods and others ensure that the performance, sound, fit, and finish of our product are the best in the business.

Von Braun’s intention is to create motorcycle exhaust systems that redefine the boundaries of technology while appealing to the aesthetically concerned and connoisseurs of fine motorcycles. The unique design of our products displays their power, performance, and self-assertion. Simultaneously, they exude grace, perfection, and elegance.

Every detail of a Von Braun exhaust system harkens back to the traditional, distinctive character that Harley-Davidson touring motorcycles embody.